Orthopaedics und sports-orthopaedics

As an interdisciplinary specialised team, we believe in proactive orthopaedics with individual solutions for your personal goals. We are specialized in diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Our mission is to offer a variety of services to our patients that meet the highest possible standards and quality of care based on international scientific developments and recommendations.

Evidence-based practice in physiotherapy

Evidence-based practice in physiotherapy is based on clinically relevant, high-quality science and research. The methods of evidencebased practice support our therapeutic decision-making process and ensures the transfer of the latest research results into clinical practice. Evidence-based practice, in addition to our therapeutic experience, is fundamental to optimize physiotherapy care and to achieve your individual goals.


An important prognostic factor for the complication rate and the success of rehabilitation after surgical interventions is your optimal physical performance. We offer individualised patient preparation (plans/programs) before an upcoming surgical procedure.

We support the planning and the realisation of your rehabilitation after surgical interventions, especially after joint replacement, muscle tendon injuries or complex reconstructions of the musculoskeletal system.


Injury prevention plays a crucial role in order to avoid missing training and competition opportunities, not only in competitive sports but also in recreational sports. Based on international standards and our experience in competitive sports, we offer individually tailored solutions for your goals.


We do not only aim for short-term success but for continued improvement so that you can manage injuries in the long term. Our focus therefore is active “management” of musculoskeletal conditions. We offer efficient training concepts to increase your sport discipline specific performance.


To ensure your training and therapeutic success, we use innovative digital techniques in therapy and training monitoring.