Pain relief via YouTube – how good are the videos?

05.11.2021: In the current issue of the German Journal of Sports Medicine, Sven Reuter reports on YouTube-Tutorials for pain relief.


New release!!

19.12.2020: We are proud to present our new book published by Springer. With 326 pages and over 200 illustrations, our new practice book is a reliable guide for physiotherapists and physicians in treatment of sports injuries.


Groin Pain in Athletes

01.04.2020: In the current issue of the German Journal of Sports Medicine, Sven Reuter reports on the diagnostic and treatment options for groin pain in athletes.


AWMF Clinical Practice Guideline Tennis Elbow

20.02.2020: Under the leadership of the „German Society for Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery (DGOOC)“ an updated clinical practice guideline for the diagnosis and therapy of epicondylopathy radialis humeri (tennis elbow) has been published. In the clinical practice guideline of the AWMF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Wissenschaftlichen Medizinischen Fachgesellschaften e.V.) Sven Reuter was able to make an important contribution to the chapter on conservative therapy options.


Evidence-based Practice in Rehabilitation

22.11.2019: Sven Reuter as speaker at the 22rd Symposium for Medicine/Physiotherapy/Sports Science in Regensburg.

35. Sports Orthopedics Congress

30.10.2019: Sven Reuter as speaker at the 35rd Sports Orthopedics Congress in Santa Ponca, Mallorca.

IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha

08.10.2019: Niklas Kaul becomes the youngest decathlete world champion ever. With a new personal best of 8691 points, he wins ahead of Maicel Uibo / Estonia (8604 points) and Damian Warner / Canada (8529 points).

New release: Disorders of the Rotator Cuff and the Biceps Tendon

23.08.2019: Sven Reuter contributed together with Prof. Dr. med. A. B. Imhoff the chapter on Arthroscopic Double-Row Reconstruction in Ruptures of the Rotator Cuff in the book “Disorders of the Rotator Cuff and the Biceps Tendon”.

Shoulder Pain in Overhead Athletes

01.08.2019: In the current issue of the German Journal of Sports Medicine, Sven Reuter reports on the diagnostic and non-surgical treatment options for shoulder pain in overhead athletes.


New release: Intraarticular Fractures – Minimally Invasive Surgery

15.07.2019: Sven Reuter contributed together with Prof. Dr. A. B. Imhoff and PD Dr. A. Lenich the chapter on Rehabilitation after Minimally Invasive Fixation of Elbow Fractures in “Intraarticular Fractures – Minimally Invasive Surgery, Arthroscopy”.

IAAF Combined Events Challenge meeting in Ratingen

01.07.2019: Kai Kazmirek takes the win in the IAAF Combined Events Challenge meeting in Ratingen with a World Championships and Olympic qualifying score of 8444, the fourth highest mark in 2019.

34. Sports Orthopedics Congress

26.05.2019: Sven Reuter as speaker at the 34rd Sports Orthopedics Congress in Torri del Benaco.

Return to sport after anterior cruciate ligament rupture

21.02.2019: The 26th symposium on the latest developments in orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports traumatology took place on 15./16.2.2019 in Cologne. More than 500 physicians and physiotherapists participated in the symposium. Sven Reuter gave an overview of the Return to sport process after injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament with examples from the practical implementation at PrehabSportsMedicine.

Evidence based practice in physiotherapy for acute syndesmosis injuries in sports

15.02.2019: New release! Rehabilitation in syndesmosis injuries in sports. Marvin Reiter publishes the results of his bachelor thesis together with Sven Reuter in issue 1/2019 of the journal “Manual Therapy”. In addition to the presentation of the current physiotherapeutic practice standard, a treatment algorithm of this common sports injury is presented.


Is Impingement the diagnosis?

14.02.2019: Sven Reuter as speaker together with PD Dr. med. Sepp Braun from the practice “Gelenkpunkt” (sports and joint surgery Innsbruck). More than 100 physiotherapists took part in the shoulder course “Is impingement the diagnosis? Functional and structural pathologies of the shoulder “in Innsbruck.

National Team Training Camp

13.12.2018: Sven Reuter traveled to South Africa as team physician with the national team of the German Athletics Federation (DLV) in preparation for the 2019 World Cup season. The training was held in the stadium Coetzenburg of Stellenbosch University.


Sports trauma of the upper extremity

24.11.2018: Sven Reuter as instructor at the University of Salzburg teaching in the “Master of Science Sports Physiotherapy”

Neuroplasticity in connection with musculoskeletal injuries

13.11.2018: The world’s first Neuro Athletic Conference with experts from science and clinical practice took place on 10./11.11.2018 in Munich. More than 300 trainers, physicians, physiotherapists and athletes attended the conference to learn more about neurocentric training and its use in clinical practice. Sven Reuter provided an overview of the relationship between neuronal changes and musculoskeletal injuries and their potential therapeutic treatment options.

Impingement and scapulothoracic rhythm

21.10.2018: Sven Reuter as speaker at the 33rd Sports Orthopedics Congress in Santa Ponsa, Mallorca.

SRH University of Applied Health Sciences Teaching Award 2018

14.10.2018: Sven Reuter honoured with the 2018 Teaching Award from the SRH University of Applied Health Sciences. The prize is awarded annually for outstanding teaching and innovative teaching concepts. The awardees are chosen from the internal and external teaching staff.

FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

9.10.2018: Matthias Elling is now another member of our team certified by the FIFA in the treatment of football injuries.

New release: Arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery of the elbow

6.10.2018: Minimal invasive surgery of the elbow at expert level: Sven Reuter contributed the chapter on endoscopically assisted therapy of distal biceps tendon injuries of the elbow.


Pitz Alpine Glacier Trail

26.9.2018: After 09h01min for 44km and 2800hm Matthias Elling has finished the unbelievably challenging marathon with
glacier crossing as 41st. The photo that was taken is the main photo to sign up for the year 2019. Keep on Running!

FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine

23.9.2018: We are certified by the FIFA in the treatment of football injuries. In cooperation with 49 FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence, a total of 42 training modules, have been developed for this certification.

Tendinopathies of the pelvis region in sports

19.9.2018: Sven Reuter as speaker at the 35th Annual Congress of the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery in Linz.

Five lakes film festival

7.9.2018: We support the 12th International Five Lakes Film Festival and look forward to see “Gwendolyn” by Ruth Kaaserer.


European Athletics Championships Berlin

8.8.2018: Arthur Abele is the 2018 European Champion in decathlon with 8431 points. Niklas Kaul finishes in fourth place with a personal best (8220 points), just barely missing a medal.


Sports traumatology of the lower limb

8.7.2018: Sven Reuter as instructor at the University Sports Center in Salzburg teaching in the SPT Course ” Sports Physiotherapy”.

International Combined Events Meeting Götzis 2018

27.5.2018: Damian Warner confidently wins the 44th Hypo-Meeting in Götzis with a personal best (8795 points) ahead of Maicel Uibo (Estonia: 8514 points) and Pieter Braun (Netherlands: 8342 points). Behind Damian Warner the German team with Kai Kazmirek (4th place) , 8329 points), Mathias Brugger (5th, 8304 points) and Niklas Kaul (6th, 8205 points) finished close in the world-class field.


Preparation for the European Championships 2018 in Stellenbosch

17.3.2018: On April 21st, the countdown started for “100 days until the European Championships in Berlin”. For optimal preparation, the combined event team trains in warm South Africa.


Tendon and muscle injuries of the lumbo-pelvic region

28.2.2018: Sven Reuter as speaker at the official opening of the sports clinic at the Technical University of Munich.


The checklist for the successful conservative therapy of the athlete shoulder

8.11.2017: Sven Reuter as speaker as part of the physiotherapy course together with the practice “Gelenkpunkt” (practice for sports and joint surgery) in Innsbruck, Austria.


Prevention of knee injuries in competitive sports

9.9.2017: Sven Reuter as speaker at the 34th Annual Congress of the Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery in Munich.

Shoulder Impingement – Understand, diagnose and treat properly

The shoulder experts Prof. Dr. A. B. Imhoff, PD Dr. S. Braun, Dr. med. S. Lichtenberg and Prof. Dr. med. S. Reuter provide a practice-oriented overview of the sometimes complicated divisions of the impingement syndrome. This advanced training is offered for orthopedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, sports and rehabilitation physicians as well as for coaches and physiotherapists.


Springer Atlas Sports Orthopedics

New Release! – The Springer Atlas is the standard of minimally invasive joint surgery and was written by renowned national and international authors (under the leadership of Prof. A. Imhoff). Sven Reuter contributed to the chapter of the elbow.

World Championships Athletics London

Rico Freimuth wins the silver medal with 8564 points and Kai Kazmirek with 8488 points the bronze medal at the World Championships in London.


World Championships Athletics London

At the World Championships in London, Carolin Schäfer wins the first medal for the German track and field team in heptathlon. With 6,696 points the 25-year-old finished in the silver medal position.